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Energy-saving ventilating series

Energy-saving ventilating series

Energy-saving ventilating series
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Product description
Product parameters
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Technical specifications
All-aluminum alloy structure, with light weight and low roof load.
Aluminum backward centrifugal impeller, with high efficiency, without overload.
Balance grade of impeller up to G2.5 (AMCA standard)
Independent drive chamber, protecting drive mechanism from being polluted.
Passed the certifications of 3CF and ExdIICT4 Explosion-Proof.
Standard service switch, gravity-type check valve.
ECF-RE series energy-saving roof ventilator
Drive mode
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Static pressure range
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Installation method
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ECF-RE series of energy-efficient roof exhaust fan

  • Quality standard

    Ventilator has passed the Energy Conservation Certification, 3CF Certification and Explosion-Proof Certification, and is applied to fire-fighting atmospheres or Explosive Atmospheres. The design and manufacturing of ventilator shall meet the requirements specified by the standards. Explosion-proof test shall accord with GB3836.1-2010 Explosive Atmospheres Part 1: Equipment - General Requirements and GB3836.2-2010 Explosive Atmospheres Part 2: Equipment Protection by Flameproof Enclosures “d”. Fire-prevention test shall accord with the requirement of GA211-2009 High Temperature-resistant Test Methods for Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilators: continuously running 30 minutes under 280℃ high temperature.

  • Type of ventilator

    Roof ventilator adopts high-efficiency energy-saving all-aluminum or stainless steel structure, and side gutter installation way. Its belt or direct drive is maintenance-free. Its air-out direction is the lower air-out.

    • Casing

      Casing is made by the spin-forming of aluminum alloy or stainless steel plate. Its smooth streamline arc profile can avoid eddy.
    • Impeller 

      Impeller adopts 3D backward centrifugal impeller made by aeronautical aluminum material, with high efficiency and low noise. Impeller’s arc inlet section can guarantee the smooth transition in the Venturi pipe at the the inlet of ventilator. Impeller shall, through static and dynamic balances, reach G2.5 balance grade of AMCA standard.
  • Motor 
    Motor adopts level-2 energy efficiency high-efficiency energy-saving motor, with low vibration, low noise, low energy consumption, insulation grade F, and protection grade IP55.
      Motor of smoke and heat exhaust ventilator adopts high-temperature high-humidity resistant fire protection motor, with insulation grade F or H, and protection grade IP55.
      Motor of explosion-proof ventilator motor adopts explosion-proof motor, with explosion-proof grade ExdIICT4, insulation grade F, and protection grade IP55.
    Forced cooling
    Drive chamber shall be negative pressure to import cold air to cool the drive mechanism, for the purpose of the forced cooling.
  • Drive device
    Drive device shall be placed inside an independent drive chamber, without touch of exhaust gases.
      Upholder: Drive device shall be upheld by thick powder-coated steel plate, and installed onto the shock absorber. The tension of belt shall be completed through adjusting the motor base, its design shall guarantee the degree of parallelism between ventilator axle and motor axle.
      Axle: Axle shall be performed finish turning, tempering and rounding. Its surface shall adopt hardening anti-corrosion treatment. Axle, along with the impeller, can perform the whole dynamic balance, and can continuously run under the condition exceeding 25% of ventilator’s maximum operating condition.
      Bearing: Bearing shall be applied to air treatment equipment, and metal bearing shall be used to uphold the ventilator axle for the purpose of avoiding direct vibration onto the motor. Under the maximum REV specified by the sample, its service life shall be no less than L10:100,000 hours specified by AFBMA. Type of bearing shall be permanently-sealed lubricant metal bearing.
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