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Energy-saving aluminum axial-flow roof ventilator

Energy-saving aluminum axial-flow roof ventilator

All-aluminumalloy/all-stainless-steelstructure,toleratingthesevereheatatmosphereontheroof.Adjustable-wingprecisioncastaluminumimpeller,withISO1940G2.5balancegrade. Deepouterarcrainhat,smoothairdistrib
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  • All-aluminum alloy /all-stainless-steel structure, tolerating the severe heat atmosphere on the roof.
    Adjustable-wing precision cast aluminum impeller, with ISO 1940 G2.5 balance grade. 
    Deep outer arc rainhat, smooth air distribution.
    Integrated forming of side gutter and wind collector, without water seepage and deformation under the extreme condition of extraordinary rainstorm.
    Passed Energy Conservation Certification, 3CF Certification and Explosion-Proof Certification. 
    Explosion-proof grade Exd IICT4 Gb
    Standard international brand level-2 energy efficiency motor
    Standard gravity-type check valve can remain sealability of workshop and prevent cold air from entering the ventilator.
    Energy-saving aluminum centrifugal roof ventilator
    3D aluminum backward centrifugal impeller is widely applied to comfortable central air-conditioning systems in such public facilities as hotel, marketplace, office building, exhibition hall, airport, gymnasium, etc., and can meet various operating requirements of industrial air conditioning systems in such sectors as electronics, pharmaceuticals, biology, light textile, chemicals, metallurgy, electric power, machinery, etc.
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