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ECF-DE energy-saving centrifugal duct air box

ECF-DE energy-saving centrifugal duct air box

ECF-DE energy-saving centrifugal duct air box
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  • All aluminum alloy / galvanized steel sheet structure, high strength, corrosion resistance;
    A variety of installation methods, a number of wind angle, easy installation, a wide range of applications;
    Impeller balance rating up to ISO 1940 G2.5 balance level;
    Through the national explosion - proof certification;
    Explosion protection class Exd IICT4 Gb;
    Standard international brand two energy efficiency motor;
    Standard motor protective cover, belt shield;
    Standard extension nozzle;
    Standard access door, and with observation window;
    Standard G4 plate metal filter, can be cleaned repeatedly;
    Standard gravity return valve, keep the workshop closed, to prevent energy loss in the workshop;
    Can be installed split junior high efficiency filter, filter levels were G4 and F5;
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