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Centrifugal top blown door hot air curtain

Centrifugal top blown door hot air curtain

Centrifugal top blown door hot air curtain
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  • Configuration efficient axial fan, high reliability, maintenance-free
    Compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy installation
    Efficient heat transfer coil, mechanical up tube, full pressure side leakage, efficient heat transfer
    Hot water, steam can be used as heat medium, waste heat recovery, energy saving
    Standard maintenance switch, safe and easy maintenance
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Assembly of the door hot air curtain technical description
One, use
ZPRM series of decorative hot air curtain, hot water or steam as a heat medium of heating and ventilation equipment, widely used in large factories or vehicles frequent access to the door area heating and heating, to prevent cold air directly into the indoor role , Is currently the most ideal door heating insulation equipment.
Second, the working principle
ZPRM series of hot air curtain is mainly used to heat the air, the first air by the fan to the upper fan through the heater and then through the lower air outlet into the heating zone, in the heater medium from the water pipe into the cooling water from the water pipe , The heat medium flows in parallel along the heater tube bundle, the heat through the tube wall spread to a large number of fins on the jacket, and then spread out, through the heater air to obtain heat.
Third, the structural characteristics
ZPRM series of hot air curtain by the fan, heater, the upper fan, under the hairdryer, wedge-type air duct, operating platform, escalators, fence and other components.
1, the use of Shanghai GM brand quality double suction centrifugal external rotor energy saving low noise fan, to ensure smooth operation of the fan, low noise, easy to refuel the bearing, no obvious vibration, jitter phenomenon, easy maintenance, machine noise less than 75dB.
2, the heater selection of high-quality steel and aluminum composite heat exchanger, the base pipe with φ22 × 2.5mm seamless steel pipe, fins with D = 38mm high-quality aluminum pipe mechanical extrusion, the film from the 2.2mm, aluminum and steel pipe machinery The pipe is not easy to deform, the heat transfer efficiency is high, the heat is large, the winter is not easy to crack, the overall durable, easy to crack corrosion, operation and maintenance, clean and convenient, unilateral inlet and outlet water, pipe Diameter DN50, and out of the water pipe with the national standard flange, the water side of the decontamination, the heater with a drain valve to prevent the winter for a long time to stop the frozen coil.
3, the main body of the wind curtain: the main body of the wind curtain is made of 3mm cold-rolled steel plate, built-in steel skeleton, to ensure the stability of the hairdryer, to avoid running jitter phenomenon, the main body of the curtain wall with ground fixed, Made of 8 # national standard channel steel, the main body of the curtain and the fan between the vibration damping pad and tightly connected, the equipment will not run on the jitter, to ensure smooth operation, the overall shell using spray treatment.
4, the outlet: the use of strip-style outlet, made of 1.5mm aluminum alloy plate, beautiful appearance, small wind resistance.
5, the fan of the junction box with explosion-proof type, the material for the composite engineering plastics, durable; surrounded by water, threading can be automatically sealed; protection class to IP54.
Fourth, the installation and maintenance
1, before installation should be installed according to the product installation drawings to provide the size of the installation of embedded fixed facilities.
2, the first fixed host and part of the platform, after the air tube upright connection with the host, and then fixed to the foot expansion bolts, and finally access the road.
3, the inlet pipe should be installed before the filter device, when the use of heat medium for the steam, the condensate in the pipeline to install the trap, each device of the medium media into and out of the pipeline should be a separate control, and installed in the low drainage Valve for maintenance.
4, the heater medium heat medium working pressure should not be greater than 1.0MPa (gauge pressure).
5, the equipment is installed, check the electrical lines, should first be a single fan test power, check and confirm the impeller without scratching the phenomenon and the correct direction of rotation, and then the whole test run.
6, the use of winter should pay attention to the equipment itself antifreeze, a long time to disable the heater should be released inside the water, the summer can be exited when the heater filled with water to prevent corrosion.