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Fireproof valve

Fireproof valve

Fireproof valve
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  • Aluminum alloy material, light weight, anti-corrosion explosion
    Three - dimensional simulation design
    Design of curved blade
    Each impeller is subject to static and static balance detection
    Balance level AMCA G2.5 rating
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Air range:
Static pressure range
Static pressure range:
Installation method
Installation method:

Smoke valve specifications

Smoke valve specifications

PYF SDc-K-1250×800

PYF SDc-K-1250×630

PYF SDc-K-1250×500

PYF SDc-K-1250×400

PYF SDc-K-1000×800

PYF SDc-K-1000×630

PYF SDc-K-1000×500

PYF SDc-K-1000×400

PYF SDc-K-1000×320

PYF SDc-K-800×800

PYF SDc-K-800×630

PYF SDc-K-800×500

PYF SDc-K-800×400

PYF SDc-K-800×320

PYF SDc-K-800×250

Smoke valve specifications

PYF SDc-K-630×630

PYF SDc-K-630×500

PYF SDc-K-630×400

PYF SDc-K-630×320

PYF SDc-K-630×250

PYF SDc-K-500×500

PYF SDc-K-500×400

PYF SDc-K-500×320

PYF SDc-K-500×250

PYF SDc-K-400×400

PYF SDc-K-400×320

PYF SDc-K-400×250

PYF SDc-K-320×320

PYF SDc-K-320×250

PYF SDc-K-250×250

Smoke valve specifications

PYF SDc-K-(1250+250)×800

PYF SDc-K-(1250+250)×630

PYF SDc-K-(1250+250)×500

PYF SDc-K-(1250+250)×400

PYF SDc-K-(1000+250)×800

PYF SDc-K-(1000+250)×630

PYF SDc-K-(1000+250)×500

PYF SDc-K-(1000+250)×400

PYF SDc-K-(1000+250)×320

PYF SDc-K-(800+250)×800

PYF SDc-K-(800+250)×630

PYF SDc-K-(800+250)×500

PYF SDc-K-(800+250)×400

PYF SDc-K-(800+250)×320

PYF SDc-K-(800+250)×250

Smoke valve specifications

PYF SDc-K-(630+250)×630

PYF SDc-K-(630+250)×500

PYF SDc-K-(630+250)×400

PYF SDc-K-(630+250)×320

PYF SDc-K-(630+250)×250

PYF SDc-K-(500+250)×500

PYF SDc-K-(500+250)×400

PYF SDc-K-(500+250)×320

PYF SDc-K-(500+250)×250

PYF SDc-K-(400+250)×400

PYF SDc-K-(400+250)×320

PYF SDc-K-(400+250)×250

PYF SDc-K-(320+250)×320

PYF SDc-K-(320+250)×250

PYF SDc-K-(250+250)×250